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Food-grade silicone,Silicone bakeware,cake mold,silicone food

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Company:OOO "Hong Ye Jie tehnologiya"
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Address:China, Shenzhen
Food-grade silicone used in the manufacture of baking dish, trays of ice, casting cupcakes,sweets, chocolate and other ingredients used for the production of food. The two-component silicone for casting room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, a low viscosity of this product, good fluidity, easy release of the mold products, no shrinkage, no oil leaks, no deformation, heating fast curing.With FDA certificate Model color Curing agent (%) Vremain at 25ºC (min) curing Time ( hour) Hardness( shore A ) tear strength (kgf/cm2 ) tensile Strength (KN/m) Viscosity (cps limited) Linear shrinkage (%) Elongation at break (%) E630 translucent 1 : 1 20-50 2-6 30±2 ≥50 ≥13 8000±3000 ≤0.1% ≥410% E642 translucent 1 : 1 20-50 2-6 42±2 ≥60 ≥15 10000±5000 ≤0.1% ≥400% 1. Please clean up completely before surgery to prevent cure inhibition. 2. Weigh the two parts correctly,electronic weight in two separate container. 3. Mixing two Casta:1 and mix part a and part b evenly within 2-3 minutes. 4. And to get the mixture to a vacuum pump for de-air bubbles within 2-3 is the minutes(If no vacuum machines,please pour the mixture slowly and carefully down the side of the form frame so that less purecov caused.) 5. servcice product(the original model) with four plastic or wooden plates. 6. Clear your products and cleaned the separation layer composition(detergent or soapy water) on your product. 7. Pour the mixture into the vacuum staffing model from the shape of the frame. Website: E-mail: contact:Lisa phone:+0086(755)89212381 M. t:+8618688266864 Skype:yanfang1989400