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a professional fuel system cleaning

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:280 UAH
Company:Forever Freedom International
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MPG-MAX-PRO™ - liquid, allowing you to quickly and safely clean the entire fuel system of Your CAR- Used as intended, one bottle of MPG-MAX-PRO™ (ml) cleans clogged fuel injectors, carburetor, helps to restore lost engine power and to prevent excess fuel. When MPG-MAX-PRO™ is used with MPG-CAPS™ or MPG-MEGA-CRUMBS™, one or two used allows the bottle much faster to get the effect of fuel economy. Your solution is a new product MPG-MAX-PRO™. Just 1-2 applications that will lead to the most rapid results using MPG-CAPS™. APPLICATION: It is necessary to pour the entire contents of the bottle in your tank before filling, then fill the tank with fuel. Also, add your first MPG-CAP™ or MPG-MEGA-CRUMBS™. When You fill up the tank, add the MPG-CAP™ or MPG-MEGA-CRUMBS™ to this and each subsequent tank to continue to reap its benefits. Concentrate MPG-MAX-PRO™ removes carbon deposits and debris from your engine, because You are only using one tank. Keep in mind that the cleaner the engine more responsive to the effectiveness of the MPG-CAP™. Remember, even the newest and most efficient engines gradually accumulate Nagar. Therefore, You must repeat the MPG-MAX-PRO™ at least once a year and more often for older engines that are more prone to deposits of soot. General recommendations This method is effective for the regular removal of small contaminants and is rather a preventive nature. ATTENTION! Remove old deposits using this method can lead to the opposite result: a large amount of sludge, washed away by the concentrate MPG-MAX-PRO™ from the walls of the fuel system, clog tubing, fuel filter, and sometimes nozzles, permanently disabling them. And the last one. Try to avoid the fuel charges on a questionable gas station. Use quality gasoline will prolong the life of the injector. Follow the recommended frequency of replacement of the fuel filter. THIS BUSINESS PROJECT (Excellent conditions for cooperation)