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Pressure hoses - suction with meth. spiral GOST 5398-76

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:ChPF 'Gejzer plyus'
Seller:Pavlenko Aleksandr
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Bila Tserkva
Pressure hoses-suction hoses with textile carcass normirovanie GOST 5398-76 are used for suction and discharge of liquids, fuels, oils, petroleum-based and gases. application send to our mail or tel.+380958401102 Hoses with textile structure, with metal coils are soft cuffs at the ends for connection to the valve. Made of smooth and corrugated. There are two groups: group 1 - suction sleeve, working vacuum up to 3kg/cm2. group 2 - pressure hoses-suction with a working pressure of 3; 5; 10 kg/cm2. Working pressure: 0.3 MPa, 0.5 MPa, 1.0 MPa. Sleeve length up to 10 m. The sleeves are made of the following classes: Class working environment Diameters Length standard Temperature °C In industrial Water 25,32,38,50,65,75,100, 125,150,200,250,300 4,6,10 from -35°C to +90°C P For liquid food 25,32,38,50,65,75,100 125,150,200,250,300 4,6,10 from -35°C to +90°C B Gasoline, kerosene, minutes of petroleum-based oils 25,32,38,50,65,75,100 125,150,200,250,300 4,6,10 from -35°C to+90°C KS Weak solutions of acids, alkalis concentration up to 20 25,32,38,50,65,75,100 125,150,200,250,300 4,6,10 from -35°C to +90°C G Air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, inert gases 25,32,38,50,65,75,100 125,150,200,250,300 4,6,10 from -35°C to +90°C The symbol of pressure hoses-suction: Sleeve B-2-25-10m 10 GOST 5398-76: B - class petrol; 2 - group: pressure-suction; 25 - vnutrenniy sleeve diameter (mm); 10 - pressure (ATM); 10m - length sleeves.