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Caprolon polyamidine TU6-05-988-93, caprolactam

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Caprolon polyamidine TU6-05-988-93, caprolactam

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Caprolon (polyamidine,TU6-05-988-93,caprolactam) multifunctional structural material and anti-friction purposes.
The use of caprolon

Caprolon used for the manufacture of:

bearings rails and liners of the friction units operating under load up to 20mpa when lubricated with oil, water or dry.
pulley blocks and pulleys lifting mechanisms with a pulling force of up to 30 tons
housings, brackets, wheel hubs and other parts, which are increased requirements for crashworthiness
the sprocket gears and worm wheels of various devices and mechanisms in order to reduce noise and vibration (up to 15DB)
details of the seal and cuffs for ststem high pressure (up to 500 ATM.)

The properties of caprolon

Caprolon has high strength and performance properties has a low coefficient of friction paired with any metals ages well and quickly, caprolon 6-7 times lighter bronze and steel in return for which he successfully applied.
Products from caprolon provides reliable and quiet operation of the devices and mechanisms. The use of caprolon 1.5-2.0 times reduces the wear of friction pairs, increasing their life.
Caprolon non-corrosive, chemically resistant, environmentally friendly.

Details of caprolon are made free casting (plates, bars, cylindrical blocks (cores)).

Physical and mechanical performance properties of caprolon

The density of fuel.cube 1,15-1,16
The modulus of elasticity tensile, MPa 2300
Destructive tensile stress, MPa 90
The voltage at a relative deformation 25 10
Bending stress at the value equal to 1.5 times the thickness of the sample, MPa, not less than 80
Brinell hardness kg of the SMS.kV 150-180
Frost 100g(constant)
180 g(short)
The temperature of melting 220gr
Elongation at break, 10
Caprolon widely used in lifting and transport equipment, as well as in the food, chemical, metallurgical, pulp and paper petroleum industry, in shipbuilding and other fields.