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Oil aviation Hydraunycoil FН51

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO "Torgovyij dom "Ukrspetsservis"
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
MINERAL HYDRAULIC FLUID GERONTOL FH 51 - mineral hydraulic fluid for use in hermetic or open hydraulic systems (in the mode of temperature-54oC to +135oC/ - 54oC to +90oC). GERONTOL FH 51 is used for dampers, reactive hydraulic systems, gearboxes and is similar to the Russian hydraulic fluid AMG-10. Widely used in hydraulic systems of aircraft and helicopters. Properties Typical Structure research Methods View - ACC. Transparent liquid, red Visual research Color - ACC. ACC. grounds - Ratio. Density at 20 o C kg/dm3 0.872 report ASTM D 4052 Kinematic viscosity ASTM D 445 100oC mnrVs 5.36 4.90 min 40oC 13.9 13.2 min -40oC 413 max 600 -54oC 1839 max 2500 Strength as in-54oC - ACC. MIL-H-5606 FTM-S-791-3459 Pour point oC -66 -60 max ASTM D 97 Evaporation losses ASTM D 972 CAS at 71oC %weight 14.4 max 20.0 The flash point oC 96 82 min ASTM D 93 Index of acidity(pH=l 1) mg KOH/g 0.02 max 0.20 ASTM D 664 Copper corrosion ASTMD 130 As at 135oC - 2e 2a max The water content mg/kg max 100 55 MO-10-001 And Steel 0.7 mm max 1.0 ASTMD 4172 Foaming\Zairian at 24oC Strength (after 10min) 45.0 cm3 max 65.0 ASTM D 892