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The composition for the repair of damp powernote

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Vicon UW - epoxy , designed for efficient repairs in both dry and wet environmental wear-resistant two-component compound with ceramic filler, offering resistance to shock loads. Recommended
for surfaces exposed to impact and abrasion.
A paste suitable for application to vertical and overhead surfaces, and
also on surfaces of complex shapes.
Application examples:
Line of mud pumps
The feeder channels and gutters
The impellers of pumps
Vibratory feeders
The highway of the waste and cleaning (including underwater).
stainless formulation;
applied and cured at temperatures from 5 °C;
displaces water from metal surfaces, concrete and wood, combining these materials;
can be used as in the environment fresh and saline water;
not slides
repair and reinstall pipelines, valves, pumps and tanks;
repair of concrete pipes and tanks in a wet environment.