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Original oil and liquid Mazda.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:8.5 $
Company:OOO 'Polikom Sintez'
Seller:Oleg Viktorovich
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk

Original oil and liquid Mazda.

Use motor oil Certified For Gasoline Engines" certified by the American petroleum Institute (API). Motor oil with this trademark symbol conforms to all performance standards and requirements fuel economy Committee of the International Lubricant Standartization and Approval Conmitte (ISLAC)- uniting American and Japanese car manufacturers.

The main difference between American oils from the European lower price and higher quality.

Unique multigrade engine oil specially designed for gasoline cars Mazda.Mazda 5w30
Transmission oil specially designed for use in automatic transmission cars Mazda.
Mazda ATF-MV

Oil of the new generation Mazda, tailored to the specific demands of Mazda engines.

Oil is specially designed and commissioned by the company MAZDA.

The immediate objective of their use is to increase the efficiency and extend the life of the engines of the cars of this brand.

Motor oils are high quality and not only recommended but Mazda and are the official factory oil poured into the engine car.

Oils have the manufacturer's certification that confirms the highest quality of the product.

Oil belongs to the most modern class /SN/ per specification API - American petroleum Institute.

Due to its composition and the use of special additives, maintains and exceeds the strictest European standards and provides maximum protection for engines.
Suitable for all kinds of operation (city - highway), is particularly effective in extreme conditions. Suitable for all styles of driving. Saves fuel. The average savings up to 6% in the urban cycle and even more in cold weather.

LLC "Polikom Synthesis"
Ukraine Donetsk