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SUPN-8(New) +shipping to the farm!Warranty 1-year!

Offer type: salePublished: 17.01.2019
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Address:Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk, Ukraine
SUPN-8 1.Injection 2.PTO Technical characteristics of the drill SUPN-8: • Width, m: 5,6 • Inter-row spacing, cm: 70 • Working speed, km/h: 5,4-10 • Depth, mm: 40-120 • Seeding rate seeds, thousand PCs/ha: 25-150 The principle of operation of the drill SUPN-8 is as follows. Through the mechanism of the transmission of the driving wheels rotating samamisicus disks and spring screw fertilizing apparatus. The vacuum in the u-shaped cavity cover seed planter SUPN-8 is generated either by a fan, driven in rotation by the hydraulic motor from the hydraulic system of the tractor, or by vacuum from the exhaust of the tractor by means of a special pipe. To control the magnitude of the vacuum on the fan or installed on the exhaust regulating valve with membrane lagomera showing the pressure. The seeds stick to being in the zone of suction holes of the rotating disk and transported from the intake chamber into the drop zone. Remove excess seeds stuck to the hole, back into the intake chamber is carried out by connection pins mounted in the intake chamber of the apparatus of the planter SUPN-8, between which during the rotation of the disk are stuck to the holes of the seeds. In the lower part of the apparatus when the transfer of holes from the zone of underpressure in the area of atmospheric pressure the seeds one by one fall away from the hole and placed on the bottom of the furrow formed by the fifth seed Coulter. Spring screws fertilizer distributing apparatus planter SUPN-8 on the left and the first winding carrying fertilizer from the hopper into the hopper. Diffusers, performing oscillatory motion in the output window funnels, disperse the flow of fertilizers, providing a uniform stream in touchproof, and then in the furrow formed fats toe openers. Sigortasi planter SUPN-8 close-soil furrows laid with them seeds and fertilizers. Then behind coverers packer compacted soil over the furrow, creating the contact of the seeds with soil and conditions for pull-UPS for them of moisture. At the end of the loop or circuit level the terrain and create a mulch layer of soil