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Glued (Laminated) wooden beams

Offer type: salePublished: 05.02.2018
Seller: Konstantin Vladimirovich
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Address:Moscow, Moskovskaya Oblast', Russian Federation
Using of laminated beams as a material for walls isn’t a novelty yet. Log houses made of laminated beam become more and more popular in Europe
Walls made of laminated beam 200 mm wide provide good thermal insulation properties at temperatures from -35C to +40C.
Laminated wood beam is a reliable and durable construction material which keeps all the best qualities of lumber. Thereby it almost doesn't suffer from weather.
• The manufacturer of laminated laminated timber and sets of houses from glued beams
• Pine. Northen. Larch. Cedar., the combined beam
• Country houses, villas, cottages, cottage villages, restaurants,
hotels, country clubs, spas, rest homes and hunting base of Glued laminated timber beams are building parts made by gluing at least four planks of massive wood together