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Sealant and vixent for casting forms

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO Ukrpostach
Seller:Gar'kavets Andrej Anatol'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
OOO Ukrposhta" offers to supply Vicinty, compounds for casting forms, and pouring boards Sealant and vixent for casting molds, die casting boards Ormosil, Mite, Mentalist, 68, , PC-68, U-1-18, U-2-28, KOSE, VITAP-NT, KLT-30, GED-1, UT-32, UT-34, Y-30-MES-5 Catalyst No. 18, No. 28, No. 68 Slipperoo the white Electrocurrent Polyamide PA-610, Aramid, Normed Grease aviation VIAM, Paste for polishing plexiglass, The fabric 301 -, 300 -, 500 -, AND ATOM-1, HT-7, the ANT, AHKR Resin SEDM-6, L-20, SPE-9T, 300, deg-1 Glue BF-2, BF-4, PU-2, sun-10T, VC-9, VC-2, K-400, K-300, Laconic Pressure material AG-4B , PKO-3-11K Compounds K-67, 115, 153, KP-34, Tube TV 50, TV 40, Radplat T-2 Product AGM-9, AGM-3, RANS-3, T The photoresist TN-11C, FN-S, OP-383, FP-25, the Photoresist film FPF-VSCH, SPF-VSCH, Fotoplastikon PFRS 8-057-755-89-65, 8-067-301-06-86 Andrey, http://ukrpostac