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Paleopathology mobile rechargeable robot-wrapper

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:Manuli Ukraina Ltd
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

WR100 SIAT - rechargeable robot pallet wrapper for wrapping bulky, extremely heavy or unstable loads, as well as in cases when it is difficult to shipping pallets in one place packing (warehouses, logistics centers, etc.). To this end the machine is easily moved by the operator to the outside of the package, next, the operator attaches the film to the pallet with the load, runs the program and the machine myself "doing his job".

The machine is equipped with:

  • Carriage type FM system with stretching of the film by means of the electromagnetic brake;
  • A photo sensor for determining the height of the pallet;
  • Emergency bumper - immediately stops upon contact with any obstacle;
  • Rubber wheel-probe is used to detect the trajectory of the mobile packager on the pallet;
  • System for regulating the speed of movement of the carriage with the film to increase the "packing density";
  • Turning the handle-wheel for manual movement of the pallet wrapper;
  • System speed control winding and a "soft start";
  • 2 gel batteries increased capacity by 100 A - 24 Volts;
  • Autonomous unit battery charging;
  • A remote control.

General characteristics:

  • The maximum weight of the Packed pallets - unlimited;
  • Package height up to 2100 mm;
  • 4 programs with automatic winding.