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Perforated and corrugated sheet metal.

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Company:OOO "Russkij Metall"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Perforated sheet (perfolist abbreviated as) is a metal sheet with holes of various shapes on it. It is as a building and decorative material, made of stainless steel, other species, and also from aluminum. Through holes of different shapes, diverse their location, the perfolist is widespread in various spheres of human activity. It is used for design registration booths, signs, shops, cafes, used in construction, engineering, architecture.

The Russian Metal company engaged in the supply of construction materials and manufactures products from them, offers a wide range of perforated sheets with various types of perforation. In addition to the decorative properties, these products are durable, high-tech, corrosion resistant, durable. Buying ready-made perfolist or to make an individual order for its manufacture is possible at this site

We also purchase corrugated sheet metal. It is a sheet metal with suitable mechanical bumps of various shapes on its surface that are formed at an angle relative to each other. This ensures a non-slip effect, eliminating the possibility of an accident. Corrugated sheet is used in the home, at work, during construction, it is used to make decks, stairs, stairways where non-slip surface is especially important. The Russian Metal company provides products with such corrugated coatings: "Lentils" one corrugation, "Duet", "Quintet" — five corrugation. They are durable, do not corrode, acrobatas, so can be used in flammable works, aesthetic appearance, anti-slip. We offer only high quality, relevant GOST standards products at affordable prices.

On the company website Russian Metal you can find and slatted plastic flooring, perforated sheets, lattice shaped, and also products made of plastic and gratings. We use the best equipment and technology for the job. We'll be glad to cooperate!