Our Company is a privately owned, independent company with over 10 years of experience on the field of machine tools. We offer different spare parts and accessories for machine tools of European origin (Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian, German and Russian).

Seller's Contacts:

Simon +40729424444


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Detailed description

Our Mission:

To be a professional supplier for machine tool’s owners and operators.
To contribute in saving time and money by offering you the best products at the lowest price.
To guarantee years of failure-free machine tool’s operation thanks to the highest quality products.

Our Clients are:

Machine tools manufacturers and servicing companies.
Companies from industrial sectors such as: automotive, railway, electrical, petrochemical, food processing, gas and oil, marine, mining, paper, packaging, steel, textile and many others.

Our Prevalence Is:

Our so far experience which lets us easily solve every problem with your machine tool. With the help of our specialists we can match the best suitable clutch or brake to your machine.
A large stock with over 50 000 clutches and brakes, accessories and machine parts available for immediate sale.