Yoga With Yogi

I teach virtual yoga, pilates, self-defense, and fitness classes. Mainly yoga but I have clients who come specifically for self-defense, pilates, and fitness as well.

Detailed description

Helping people to get fit, healthy, and find inner joy. Helping them to gain self-confidence by learning yoga, self-defense, and fitness exercises. Teaching them how to remain unaffected by external circumstances and to remain joyful unconditionally. Also helping clients with weight loss.

15 years of industry experience
good loyal following
You don't just learn yoga but also self defense and calisthenics
Teach adults and kids
They can learn from the comfort of their homes without worrying about finding a parking space, weather and time issues.
Traditional yoga teacher
Personal yoga teacher/GYM
Martial arts trainer

Activity Type: services

Categories: medicine, cosmetology