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We are an international trading and export company well known for it quality service.We supply several commodities such as diary products,drinks,confectionery products,nuts,seeds,oil,grains and construction tools.Customer Satisfaction is our motor.We keep our customers happy by making sure we provide them with quality products and at very high competitive price.We are very strict with delivery time to meet up our customers request.Contact us to enjoy the privilege of our premium service.

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Anita Barosh

Sales Manager

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Detailed description

We are a global supplier, exporter and distributors active with Head office in Hungary . We are a private trading company in the engage in the supply and distribution of quality European branded food and nonfood products at affordable wholesale prices with the best logistics services.

We are focus in food and beverages, milk and dairy products, coffee and tea, groceries, chocolate and confectionaries, cosmetic and hygienic products, poultry and seafood products, office supply as well as Minerals & Metallurgy.

We are constantly in search of renounce food and nonfood branded products which are unique and interesting for Clients.
We provide excellence services and products across the board for the food industry, in terms of product quality, logistics services, market intelligence and risk management solutions.
We are not only focused on shipping vast volumes of products but rather, our focus has always been on finding new ways to add vision and value.
We try to add value to our customers’ businesses in everything we do. Our core values reflect our ambition, our mentality and our beliefs. Five simple words, which
connect the way we think, act and add.

1.We add vision and value through reliability
2.We add vision and value through commitment
3.We add vision and value by taking involvement
4.We add vision and value through responsibility
5.We add vision and value through our personal

The team is strong, one-pointed focus and encouraging to further cooperation right after the first order.

If you have a particular brand or product that you're interest in being food or nonfood product, contact us and we'll do our best to satisfy your needs.