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Test stand with load device 30 MW

Offer type: salePublished: 16.05.2021
Seller:Fiatov Dmitriy
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine


Manufacture Test stands with the use of a load device ( the turbo-generator, hydro-brakes or otherwise ) with the capacity of 30 MW.
We calculate, with the subsequent manufacturing and delivery of "turnkey" site for testing and running high-speed data units high power up to 26 MW and more.
The development of the required configuration of the test rig, software development, technical support in the process of operation.
Discussion of the subject in all the options and Your suggestions.
To increase the processing speed of the application - please, in advance, to prepare the tests of a unit.
Contract and work with the delivery test stand in full, "turnkey".
Performed work in any country of the world.
Call or write in any language.