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Pea seeds vegetable

Offer type: продамPublished: 09.07.2019
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Seller:nosal'skaya Svetlana
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The vegetable pea is an annual herb. Stem height 80 - 120 cm pea Seeds in unripe condition is a dietary product called green peas. Peas demanding to moisture, especially during germination, photophilous, grows poorly in acidic soils. Of soil makes a large number of nutrients. Particularly in need of phosphate and potash fertilizers. Nitrogen fertilizers applied on soils poor in nitrogen. Seeding rate: 15-20 g / m2 . After sowing, the soil surface must be sealed. Depth of seeding: on light soils 6 cm, on heavy, up to 4-5 cm sowing Period: late March – late may. The soil temperature at the depth of sowing: +4 – +6 °C, the Pea contains a large amount of sugar (6-7 %), proteins (5-6 %) and vitamin b (25-35 mg per 100 g wet weight), making it a nutritious and tasty vegetable. The yield of peas is 0.8-1.5 kg/m2.

Ukrainian packaging: further cleaned and calibrated, durable and airtight packaging of 0,5 kg