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Offer razjedinjeni PB series, RVZ, RVF, RVFS, RLND,RDZ,

Offer type: salePublished: 17.02.2019
Company:OOO ZEP Elektro
Seller:Sahanenko Ivan
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

Offer razjedinjeni PB series, RVZ, RVF, RVFS, RLND,AGB, load break Switches ON , the Actuator lever type.

Disconnectors RVZ internal installation are:

• to disable and enable under voltage plots of the electric circuit high voltage when no load current and for schema changes connection;
• to ensure the safe production work on the offline area;
• to enable or disable the charging currents of air and cable lines, power idling transformers and current small loads.


                                        Razjedinjeni PB series

RV-10/400(M) NF4 UT

RV-10/630(M) NF4 UT

RV-10/1000(M) NF4 UT

                                               Razjedinjeni series RVZ

RVZ-10/400 I.II (M) NF4 UT

RVZ-10/630 I.II (M) NF4 UT

RVZ-10/1000 I.II (M) NF4 UT

RVZ-10/400 III (M) NF4 UT

RVZ-10/630 III (M) NF4 UT

RVZ-10/1000 III (M) NF4 UT

                                                      Razjedinjeni series RVF

RVF-10/400 (M) NF4 (UZ)

RVF-10/630 (M) NF4 (UZ)

RVF-10/1000 (M) NF4 (UZ)

                                                      Razjedinjeni series RVFS

RVFS-10/400 I-III (M) NF4 UT

RVFS-10/630 I-III (M) NF4 UT

RVFS-10/1000 I-III (M) NF4 UT

RVFS-10/400 II-II (M) NF4 UT

RVFS-10/630 II-II (M) NF4 UT

RVFS-10/1000 II-II (M) NF4 UT

RVFS-10/400 III-II (M) NF4 UT

RVFS-10/630 III-II (M) NF4 UT

RVFS-10/1000 III-II (M) NF4 UT

                                                                Load break switches

VNA - 10/630-20-UZ

VNA - 10/630-20-h OUSE

VNA - 10/630-20-2H-UZ

Wpsa - 10/630-20-h OUSE

                                                                  Razjedinjeni series RLND

RLND - 10/400

LNZ - 10/400

RLND - 10/630

LNZ - 10/630

                                       Rusjadaneto outdoor installation AGB-35,110,150,220

Designed for on and off under voltage de-energized sections of the high-voltage circuit using earthing blades.

Razjedinjeni voltage class 35,110,150,220 kV are manufactured in single and three-pole version on currents 1000,2000,3150 A; with knives ground with one, two sides, and no knives grounding; with fartoviy or polymeric insulation.