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Cot-machine "Turbo V7 Full" Action: mattress 190*90*15cm Bimbo as a gift for free!

Offer type: salePublished: 05.11.2017
Price:23 250 UAH
Company:Internet magazin "Neposeda"
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Machine bed of white or red "Turbo V7 Full" excellent baby gift for any occasion! Designed bed for children from 3 years. Size of bed: 190x90 cm

Package contents:

neon lights (the wheels and the bottom of the bed);

glowing headlights;

the remote control,

massive rear wing,


side high sides.

Figure: high-quality stickers (moisture, wear-resistant).

Backlight: using the power outlet (in the step-down circuit is built transformer (safe voltage 12V).


1. the sound of winding machine

2. the sound of riding sports racing cars

3. the growl of the motor

4. beeping.

Base under the mattress is made in the form of an orthopedic lattice, each curved slat set of two mounting elements which are mounted on the base bed. This is done in order to active children's games — jump and run the bed did not cause accidental injury to your baby.

In the kit also includes a stylish remote-the keychain remote control. It allows combinations to enable and disable the following functions:

· the illumination lights;

· -stritreysery really;

· circular illumination of the wheels;

· -the sound of a winding machine;

· sound riding machine;

· the growl of the motor;

These electric functions of the products can be used in two versions of the game and as night lights.

Gift: lamp Disney (see photo)

Bring your dreams to reality. This the furniture gives the child a lot of joy and pride for their bed. She won't leave anyone indifferent.

In our store "fidget" You can buy the bed of the machine and to give your baby a chic sleeping space and a positive sea.


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