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Children's bed in a car "Extra turbo power" + gift

Offer type: salePublished: 05.11.2017
Price:15 100 UAH
Company:Internet magazin "Neposeda"
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Incredibly low price for the machine in 2016. Shiny glossy plastic housing with smooth shapes and high edges. Orthopedic slats. Zooms, glows. Fits standard mattress.

Width: 1250 mm

Height: 700 mm

Depth: 2300 mm.

Equipment crib: crib machine red, white or black to choose (bed 90/190)

ü Wheel

ü Slats

ü the Spoiler

Features of machine:

Ø lighting of lamps,

Ø the sound of the engine,

Ø steering signal,

Ø beech slats,

Ø glossy plastic case,

Ø berth of 190*90cm,

Ø the remote control.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the pattern labels. Form of bed - always the same.

You can buy together with mattress, pillow, the mattress cover. There is also a service assemble the bed.

The guarantee is 12 months. Returns and exchanges – 14 days.

Gift: lamp Disney (see photo)

Bring your dreams to reality. This furniture gives the child a lot of joy and pride for their bed. She won't leave anyone indifferent.

In our store "fidget" You can buy the bed of the machine and to give your baby a chic sleeping space and a positive sea.


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