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Flexo printing machine Italy, 2003.

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Address:Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy, Ukraine

Flexo printing machine Italy, 2003.


Testiculare flexo machine, Italy 2003.


Stack printed flexomachine, Italy, 2003.


Longline flexo machine, Italy.


Six-color flexo printing machine, Италия2003




6 printing units. Width 1250mm. Speed : 200m/min.

The size of the replays 340-1000mm. 5 doctor blade chambers; 1-doctora. Single decoiler 76.2 mm, 152mm.,

The control edge. Converter of statics. The tension control. Atideo control FIFE Inprint with the car.

 Winder Automatic Non-stop with a serrated knife Ø winding 800mm. 6 pumps. Anilox rollers ceramic 9pcs. Slepcy-80 PCs. STANKONIA FLEXOGRAPHIC PRINTING Forms of Du Pont MICROFLEX 2BSM 1700 1996.

Maximum width 1700mm

Length print 280-1016мм