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French Brovary, courses of foreign languages in Brovary

Offer type: servicesPublished: 04.08.2020
Seller:Shkola Bravo
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Courses of foreign languages English School offers a study of the French language according to the most modern European methods of training.
French is the most romantic language in the world. It has long been the language of diplomacy and the aristocracy of European countries, this language is spoken by the representatives of fashion, art, architecture and gastronomy. Learning French will help You to familiarize yourself with the history and culture of France, to broaden horizons, and will also give the opportunity to travel abroad.
Our training programs French language:
French for children;
French for teenagers;
French for adults;
- exam preparation;
- business French;
Classes are conducted in small groups or individually on a pre-agreed schedule.
Our address
, Brovary, Gagarin street, 16 (2nd floor) (TD "Lisa") in the city centre
Olga T. (097) 786-77-85