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Cells of ACNE

Offer type: salePublished: 21.09.2020
Company:OOO ZEP Elektro
Seller:Sahanenko Ivan
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

Zaporozhye electrical company offers manufacturing career cell type ACKNO

The appointment of ACKNO

Cells of ACNE have several versions of schemes the main compounds and are designed to create lines of different configuration, in particular:

To connect electroactivation, drilling rigs, high-voltage motors drilling rigs, power transformers, dredge, dredges, condenser and compressor plants and other industrial consumers.

Rated working voltage: 6,10 kV

Maximum operating voltage : 7.2V; 12 kV

Cells of ACNE with air input and air output serve to partition career and uncaring power lines.

Cells of ACNE can provide active and reactive energy (on request). High-voltage cell for outdoor installation, ACNE equipped with:

1.Vacuum circuit breakers type VL,EBP, BB/PHONE, WBSC, WBEM, WHD-SAS-10, Evolis.

2. Vacuum contactors type KV

3.Oil circuit breakers type VMP,VMG,VPM

Used relanth protectionTA : RS-80,TGS-10A, RZA-33, Orion, Sirius, TEMP, MiCOM, BIM, SEPAM 1000,REF,MRSA.

All versions of ACNE-6(10) can be established on the Foundation or transport carrier (specify in order).

Complete distribution devices ACNO our production passed the full cycle of tests, and have proven themselves as reliable devices throughout the CIS.

We offer You the shortest possible time making up to 20 days.

The guarantee period is not less than 2 years.

The warranty period is not less than 20 years.

Schema primary connections you can view on the website company, or to receive in electronic form upon request.