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KRU 2-10

Offer type: продамPublished: 21.09.2020
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporizhia, Zaporiz'ka Oblast'

Zaporozhye electrical company offers production of complete switchgear KRU-2-10

Complete distribution device KRA 2-10 designed for use in electrical installations three-phase AC frequency 50 and 60 Hz voltage of 6 and 10 kV for systems with isolated neutral or grounded through a ground-fault neutralizer neutral. Climatic performance and T category 3 according to GOST 15150.

Crewe are in OCP,ZRU,KTP or part kroon (switchgear outdoor installation).

Rated working voltage: 6,10 kV

Maximum operating voltage : 7.2V; 12 kV

Toamplitude such switching devices as : oil switches, disconnectors, switch-disconnectors vacuum circuit breakers, gas-insulated circuit breakers.

Provided by relay protection on the basis of Electromechanical or microprocessor-based relay type: RS-80,RS-83,MRSA,MICOM,REF,SEPAM,Sirius, BMRSS and others.

Cabinets the KRA-2-10 include listed below the range of performance depending on them equipment main circuits and conductors.

The CDE - complete enclosure with switch low-oil or vacuum;

KTN-complete Cabinet with voltage transformers US - 10; NR-6 (10); NOL-08;. ZNOL-06;

MRC- complete Cabinet with plug contacts;

KRVP- complete wardrobe with dischargers;

KSB- complete Cabinet with cable and cable assemblies the ridges;

KA, a complete wardrobe combined for example: with dischargers and capacitors, surge arresters and voltage transformers, and so on;

PDA - complete Cabinet with power fuses;

SN - complete Cabinet with busbar jumpers;

CRP - complete Cabinet with power transformer.

The conductors:


SNWA - wardrobe low-voltage equipment.

W - the conductors connecting the opposing sections of the switchgear when double row location, and for passage in the areas of building columns (900 mm length).

Complete distribution the device of our production passed the full cycle of tests, and proved itself as a reliable device across the CIS.

We offer You the shortest possible time making up to 20 days.

The guarantee period is not less than 3 years.

The warranty period is not less than 20 years.

Schema primary connections you can view on the website company, or to receive in electronic form upon request.