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Mortar units for drip irrigation systems

Offer type: salePublished: 23.07.2019
Price:55 528 UAH
Company:ChP Zavod 'FAKEL'
Seller:Fedorova Tat'yana Sergeevna
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Address:Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk, Ukraine

Domestic manufacturer of irrigation systems produces a mortar and feeding sites of different designs to work with any drip irrigation.

Mortar sites RU-F3 produced by the Plant "TORCH", are designed for automatic cooking and feeding nutrient solutions on three independent channels EC-A, EC-B and pH. The prepared solution, in accordance with specified program, there turn 4 - 16 sectors irrigated fields or greenhouses, each of which may be 0.25 to 3 hectares Provided for manual or automatic regeneration of the built-in filter fine cleaning, they can be equipped with containers for mother solutions. RU-F3 interface with any PC, with which you can control them in full, to read the history of fertilizing over the previous few days.

During operation ROUX is provided visual inspection on the LCD specified and are working parameter: EU; EU-B; pH; number of cycles; the number of issued solution in CH (p = 0,1 m3); time work in this sector; the temperature of the solution; the current time; parameters the circulation of injection pumps; operating parameters of the sensors EC and pH. As well as visual inspection of the working sector included injection pumps, enabled timer on the led display.

IN RU applied self-cleaning sensors of the EU do not require constant care, and the pH electrode in a plastic case, not requiring persepolisi.

Factory "TORCH" as manufactured long drip irrigation systems, romanobritish and fogging systems, fittings, injectors, fittings and everything else for drip irrigation.

Details including the price in the form of directories the photos in each section of the site Plant "Torch"

Warranty on all manufactured 3 years.