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Corn seeds Solonyansky 298св

Offer type: salePublished: 10.03.2021
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Seller:nosal'skaya Svetlana
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Solonyanskiy 298 SV

The applicant Institute of grain farming UAAN. Simple modified this hybrid FAO 290.Form the top of the first sheet from the pointed to the curved, anthocyanin coloration of the vagina is moderate, the angle between leaf blades and stem medium (31-55). Antocianine painting of aerial roots, the stems weak. The time of full flowering (middle third of main axis panicle of 50% plants) from early to medium. Anthocyanin coloration of glumes of spikelet panicle weak . The average density of the panicle, lateral branches along the length of the medium, and on the situation in the lower third of the panicle slightly declined, the number of primary lateral branches small (6-15), the main axis of panicle length - medium (31-40).The time of appearance `of silk" (50% of plants) early to middle, antocianine color "silk" is weak. Plant length (including the brush cm) long ( 151-200). Leaf blade width ( analyzing the top piece of cob, cm) - medium (8,10-10,0). Foot of head length - medium (10,1-20). Head in the form of a conical-cylindrical, length - medium (19-22), the type of grain of the teeth, number of grain rows medium (15-18), the color of top of grain yellow, the color of the bottom of the grain orange, anthocyanin coloration of the scales of the stem are strong. Yield, CGA in the Steppe zone Of 75.5, Forest - 94,5, Polesie - of 93.4. Guaranteed increase, respectively, TSGA: 17,1, 14,0, of 15.8, which is in the Steppe zone Was 29.5%, Forest -17,5%, Polesie is 20.7%. The exit of grain during harvest, respectively - 79% - 80%, Resistance to lodging of 8.6 -9,0 score, drought 8,5 - 8,6 points. Resistant to defeat bubble firebrands - 9 points. The protein content of 9.0 fall 9.8%, starch 75,4 -76,2%.