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Sunflower seeds ER6 mercury (Hermes)

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Sunflower seeds "mercury" is a hybrid, which provides classical cultivation techniques. He is in great demand. According to experts and researchers, it is the most stable Ukrainian hybrid, which annually shows high productivity.

Properties of the plant
Sunflower "mercury" has strong and long roots — up to two meters. It penetrates to a depth that is able to get the moisture of the earth that provides the ability to withstand drought. Also hybrid grows well even on soils of poor quality.

The Mature plant height is a real giant — can reach 180 cm. The basket is average size — 20-24 see Its convex shape helps prevent rot in case of prolonged heavy rains. Is a high resistance to shattering. The cultivation of sunflower "mercury" is available throughout the Borderland, but the best conditions for this in the Central and Southern regions.

Tips for growing
Sunflower "mercury", together with the fact that is able to give a crop despite the weather shows a high resistance to lodging. In the plant genetic rooster laid:

The ability to withstand illness inherent to the sunflower, like powdery mildew.
High energy growth.
Resistance of varieties of top, which is a significant problem for owners, who are engaged in the cultivation of sunflower.
To ensure its normal development and high yield need to arm a small number of chemicals. Specialists recommended farmers to use such a complex microfertilizer NANT Master fungicidal disinfectants. These drugs are the best option for growing.

Consumer benefits
The yield of the variety "mercury" the average is 30-35 quintals per hectare. The indicator is stable, and this, together with the classic well-known expertise in the field of growing sunflowers, making the purchase of hybrid seeds is beneficial. The potential yield in some cases may reach up to 45 quintals per hectare. The high resistance to shattering provides the ability to save seed grown in the collection phase.

Another attractive feature of the variety "mercury" is the presence of large quantities of oil in each kernel. The figure is 50-52%. Through this hybrid is frequently cultivated large agricultural sector, to adapt it for the production of the product.