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Classic hybrid seeds consonica Bonosol JMR OR7 OR7 (Mirasol seed)

Offer type: salePublished: 02.04.2020
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Bonosol JMR OR7 high-yielding, early maturing ,plastic to different growing conditions hybrid under the classical scheme of agriculture from the Spanish company MIRASOL SEED . Designed for all growing zones ,very flexible to different types of soil. Hybrid Bonsal JMR OR7 – the number 1 oil content in the line of the Spanish selection.



Key features

  • the vegetation period 105 days
  • the yield is 52 t/ha and an average yield of 28.5-of 37.8 C/ha (depending on the growing area).
  • resistant to all known races of the top ( A-G)
  • high resistance to powdery mildew (8)
  • tolerant to Sclerotinia basket (8)
  • tolerance to Sclerotinia stalk (7)
  • tolerant to Volgograd (7)
  • tolerant famoso (7)
  • high adaptability to soil and climatic conditions (9)
  • height 150 cm.
  • the basket is sloped downward convex
  • basket diameter 24 cm
  • oil content — 52 %

The recommended plant density before harvest thousand PCs/ha

  • insufficient moisture 50-55
  • adequate moisture 60-65