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Energy saving drying chamber Gefest DKA for high quality drying of thin oak slats.

Offer type: salePublished: 18.06.2018
Price:790 EUR
Company:Kompaniya GEFEST
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

GEFEST DKA is the most popular among our clients a series of efficient kilns.
Possible optional installation of the recovery system thermal energy GEFEST RHE during operation.

The special casing design and special technological modesthat are not available to cameras from other manufacturers provide:
- defect-free drying totalitarnogo lumber while preserving the natural physico-mechanical properties of wood including strength and color;
- a"soft" mode of drying, eliminating the use volgatelekoma (wetting/steaming);
- high quality of drying lumber special purpose: the slats of solid rock with a thickness of 4÷12mm; 250х250мм oak timber, round logs;
- low consumption of electric and thermal energy.

The level of energy consumption, a series of GEFEST DKA belong to the category of energy efficiency "And".

Have a short payback period (PP) and high percentage of return of investment (ROI) due to the small costs of expensive energy and high quality drying of wood.

On our siteYou can familiarize with examples of a correct calculation of energy consumption of drying chambers NORMAL in comparison with energy consumption of similar cameras of European manufacturers. And learn to count profits by reducing energy costs, while maintaining high quality products.

Provide technology for quality drying of thin lumber totalitarnogo, provide full technological support to our customers and train staff working with the cameras — You do not have, for their mistakes, lose their own money!

Individual projects.

Pre-order details are discussed by phone (+38097) 069-70-70.