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Sunflower seeds HC Admiral (HCX195) (NS)

Offer type: продамPublished: 27.10.2020
Seller:Nosal'skaya Svetlana
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Plant height 155-170 cm
Broomrape resistance of 9 points (A,B,C,D,E)
Drought tolerance 10 points
Lodging resistance of 9 points
Resistance to the main diseases 10 points
Hybrid breeding of Serbian NS Admiral (NS X 195) – new for the Ukrainian farmer. This traditional hybrid is considered to be the most fruitful hybrid of the Serbian Institute and in the zone of sufficient moisture, is capable to form a crop of 6 t/ha! Through long-term genetic experiments, Serbian breeders managed to create a universal high-yielding hybrid. The versatility of a hybrid of the Admiral appears in the middle period of the growing season, suitable for any climatic zone. In addition, the parental lines of a hybrid of the Admiral are of high adaptability to growing conditions, which allows us to recommend the hybrid for different soil types.

The advantages of sunflower NS Admiral (NS X 195)

Sunflower NS Admiral resistant to 5 of the most popular races of Broomrape, and also has tolerance to Volgograd, white rot, leaf spot. Stem hybrid NS Admiral durable and resistant to lodging, the basket is well made, has a high productivity of nectar and pollen. It should be noted that the yield of oil from seeds of this hybrid of about 50%, which is clearly an advantage when selling to the Elevator. Before harvesting, the sowing rate for hybrid NS Admiral should be 55-60, 000 plants per hectare.