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Sunflower seeds Danube (NS)

Offer type: продамPublished: 27.10.2020
Seller:Nosal'skaya Svetlana
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Vegetation period the vegetation Period 115-117 days of Container unit 1, the sowing unit/150 000 seeds
The potential yield of 48 kg/ha seed Treatment Fungicide fungicide+fertilizer NANT MASTER
The oil content of 49-51% Fraction Standard (weight of 1 bag 6-8 kg) Extra (weight of 1 bag of 9-11 kg)
Plant height 155-170 cm
Broomrape resistance of 9 points (A,B,C,D,E)
Drought resistance of 9 points
Resistance to lodging 8 points
Resistance to major diseases 8 points
Hybrid sunflower Danube - ideal for Zaporozhye, Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa areas, because due to the maximum score of drought resistance and long growing season can expect to harvest more than 40 kg / ha.

Characteristics of sunflower hybrid of the Danube

This year, thanks to a new parental lines the Danube has changed:

Decrease in the vegetation period (from 122 to 117 days).
Improved resistance to Broomrape (from 4 to 5 races).
Increased yield potential.
Increased level of plasticity.
Over 20 years of cultivation in the Ukraine, the Danube has established itself as a hybrid with consistently high yields even in very dry conditions. In 2015 in Kharkiv region was harvested more than 42 t / ha. This crop can explain the great signs of approbation - height hybrid (155-170 cm), strong stem, well-developed root system (length more than 2 m), and baskets with a diameter of 25 cm.

This year, many hybrids did not survive the disease powdery mildew. This is due to the absence of genetic resistance to disease, and seed treatment protects only 5-10%. In turn, the Danube contains the PL 6 gene responsible for the resistance to pathogens of powdery mildew.

Another advantage of a hybrid of the Danube is its seeds, they're large size and convex shape (in the people they are called "barrels").