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Circles, forgings, rings, special steel

Offer type: продамPublished: 11.01.2018
Seller:Solodov Evgenij
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
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The company ООО ПКФ ТЕХНО-АРТ sells both for cash and non-cash:
Circles Forgings, and rings steel, St 3,St 20, St 45, St 40th St 5khnm, Ди22 circle, circle 4h5mfs, circle 40khn, 25х2мф, 20khn3a, 07Х12нмбф, 20хгм, 45khn, X12, 65г40х13, Shkh15, 8khf, 9kh1, 9khs, , Di23, 25kh13n2, 4kh5v2fs, Ди22, CVH, 34хн1м, 15Х12Н2МВФ (EP-517), 35khm, 50, 13kh11n2v2mf (EQ-961), 10kp, 20kh2n4a, 6kh6v3mfs, 35, 12х9, 18hgt, 35g2, 50г2, , 70g, Kh12mf, 120г13, 6kh4m2fs, 40khn, 5khnv, 45х2гнм, 30ch13, 4хмнс, 30KhGSA, 40х2гм, 6khv2s, 40khn2ma, 55см53д, 38kh2n2ma, 40х2н2ма, U8a, 45хгма, 38khm, 4хмнс, 30KhGSA, 40х2гм,34хн3ма, 25х2м1ф, U12, Kh12f1, 12khn3a, 38h2myua, 5khv2sf, 3х2в8ф, Shkh15sg, U10a, 20x, 20X13, 9хгса, 8г9н3м, 18kh2n4ma, 12kh2n4a and others.

Delivery in any point of Ukraine.
Take control of logistics.

Wholesale and retail warehouse.
Branch-warehouse in the river:
Bohdan Khmelnytsky Avenue, 122
in Zaporozhia Curve of the Bay, 1
Manager Eugene
mob: (066) 015-28-44
mob: (093) 970-80-61