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Gefest is a Modern drying kilns and systems for drying wood of high quality.

Offer type: продамPublished: 06.06.2018
Price:690 EUR
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Design and manufacturing of modern kilns high energy efficiency class for high-quality and vysokoekonomichnogo wood drying in the "soft modes".

— a series of kilns, with a record low level energy consumption in drying process of wood. In this configuration installed the system of recovering thermal energy GEFEST RHE. Camera series DKA+ include the category of energy efficiency "A+" and have a short payback period (PP) and a high percentage of investment returns (ROI) due to its minimal on expensive energy.

– a series of high-efficiency kilns that energy consumption are classified as "A". Have a short payback period (PP) and high percentage of yield investment (ROI) due to the small cost of expensive energy. For series cameras DKA possible optional installation of the recovery systems GEFEST RHE right in manufactured, or later during operation.

– budget series is an economical drying chambers, which in terms energy consumption are classified as "In". In the design and manufacture of take into account the possibility of further modernization to further reduce costs energy.

– series industrialdrying cameras that are specially designed for fast and high-quality, but economical drying wood. A convenient camera for the economical and efficient working on export, or stream preparation of timber for further sale. Camera GEFEST DKT have a low cost. The possibility of further upgrades for further reduce energy consumption.

– A new series of drying equipment by GEFEST - portable drying modules of small size (5-20m3) with a minimum consumption energy. Can easily be transported to remote places and work from grid with a low power limit.

system of recovering thermal energy developed engineering center of the company GEFEST specifically for use with drying chambers. The system helps reduce energy costs in 2 times. Included in the base configuration cameras series GEFEST DKA+ available for installation on other series. Can be adapted to work with other cameras or systems.

Dryer camera NORMAL provide:
+ defect-free drying with the colour retention and physico-mechanical properties of wood;
+ minimum consumption of heat and electrical energy ;
+ do a"soft dry operation, without application teplovodokanal (steaming-hydration);
+ high quality drying specific lumber:
- a block of solid rock with a thickness of 4mm! ;
- oak timber 250х250мм;
- round log.
- firewood and so on.

Complete drying equipment to existing facilities.
System of recuperation of thermal energy RHE NORMAL for the kilns (save the energy consumption of kilns is more than 2 times).
Special energy saving design buildings kilns with full thermal isolation without cold bridges.
Perfectly balanced thermal system for drying chambers.
Superior software and hardware of the conditioning regimens.
Control system for technological processes of drying.

In addition, we produce:
+ drying chamber for termomatika of wood;
+ Autonomous system of power supply;
+ climatic chamber;
+ preparacin camera;
+ painting and drying and painting chamber;
+ system of active thermal insulation of buildings.

GEFEST LLC - Individual project and best technical the solution for any need.

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