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Energy-Efficient mobile drying kilns Gefest DKA for drying wood.

Offer type: продамPublished: 06.06.2018
Price:17 600 EUR
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

GEFEST DKA is the most popular among our clients a series of efficient kilns.

Camera series DKA is ideal for producers of any wood products and provide:

- defect-free drying with the colour retention and physico-mechanical properties of wood;

- a"soft" mode of drying, without the use of teploperenosa (steaming effect);

- high quality drying specific lumber: a block of solid rock thick from 4mm(!); oak timber 250х250мм; round log.

- low consumption and heat electrical energy.

For this series of cameras possible optional installation of the recovery systems GEFEST RHE immediately upon manufacture or later during operation.

A series of DKA NORMAL level energy consumption refers to energy efficiency "A".

Have short terms
of payback (PP) and high percentage of profitability of investments (ROI) due to the low cost expensive energy.

On our site
You can familiarize with examples of a correct calculation of your energy costs, compared to NORMAL cameras. And learn to calculate the profit, resulting in the reduction of energy costs, even at the highest production quality.

Camera DKA is available in all major sizes ranging from 10m3, and two the car side and front load.

Along with cameras and equipment, we provide drying technologies, we provide full technological support to our customers and train staff to work with cameras,
You don't have to waste money and learn from your mistakes — just enough stick to our recommendations!

Individual projects.

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