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Leica DigiCat 500i fx locator cabalistical underground utilities (DN-1)

Offer type: salePublished: 19.01.2017
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Seller:Piriev Yaroslav
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

The frequency of the received signals: the Search for power cables: 50-60 Hz to
Search for communication cables: 15-60 Hz to
active search(from EXT.generator): 8.192 (8) /32.768 (33) to Hz
The depth of search: Search for power cables: 3 m
Search for communication cables: 2 m
Active search: 3 m
The search distance along the communication: Passive mode: cable length
Active mode: depending on the generator
Performance and dimensions: Display: 30 led segments the speaker Volume: 72 dB
Display depth: Yes, using generator
Keyboard: 2 function buttons storage Temperature: -40 to +70 °C
Working temperature: -20 to +50 °C
Protection: IP57
Dimensions: 760 mm x 250 mm x 85 mm
Weight: Instrument: 2,83 kg Shipping box: 0.75 kg kg
Power: the Number and type of batteries: 6 alkaline AA batteries (included)
Now search for cable networks is now easier and safer


Locators and generators Leica Geosystems xf allow you to search for underground communications faster and more accurately than ever before.
Series Leica Digicat xf specially designed to increase the range of the search. Search low-frequency signals in the study of sewer networks shows particularly good results.


Locators Leica Geosystems allow you to search a variety of communication channels: power cables, cables, lighting, communication networks, sewers and collectors easier and faster than before. What will save time and money.


    Who may be of interest locators Leica Digicat xf:

  • Engineers-surveyors
  • Employees of business services
  • Repair work
  • Gas and electric companies
  • Truboprokatchika
  • Sewer services

How the locators Leica Digicat?


Leica Digicat xf searches underground utilities, taking their emitted electromagnetic radiation.
After signal processing locator specifies the location of the communication. The user is provided with two types of frequencies: 512 and 640 HZ, which allows search with increasing distance or explore the sewer the collectors.

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