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Ulysse Nardin watch discount + stylish gift! Hurry up. Gifts in limited quantities!

Offer type: salePublished: 30.03.2015
Price:1 090 UAH
Seller:Demchenko Aleksandr
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Collect your gift!

And that's not all. Each buyer discount -34% on watches Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Brown (with mechanical automatic winding) and a valuable gift, but about it later.

Watch Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Brown in brown and gold rim look stylish and expensive. Watch in this color is not suitable for everyone. This color for the brave men who are not afraid to draw attention to themselves. If it about You, then you made the right choice.

We sell replica high (AAA) quality.

 This watch came in the top 10 hours. Hit sales 2014

I agree, you can find this copy at very low prices, but the quality of which wishes best. Namely:

- the plated body is erased when a small period of operation,

- strap not bear long socks,

-glass easily scratched, etc.

That is, the production uses cheap material, and low cost. In the end frequent returns of unhappy customers.

Quas replicas are not cheap!!!

We, in turn, work directly from the manufacturer and hours go full circle. Also please note that all orders are checked by qualified watchmakers, before sending to the client. Thus this eliminates the possibility to get a watch with any external or internal flaws.

Terms and conditions:

Buying a watch today You get:

Watches Ulysse Nardin for 1090 UAH instead 1650 USD - 34% discount

- In a gift box with cushion - 0 instead of USD 95 USD

- Stylish wallet which will complement Your watch in style and color - 0 instead of USD 250 UAH

Total cost - 1995 UAH

Savings - 905 UAH

Why today? Because we did not expect such a rush of people willing to receive such a gift.

As gifts end, order today!

Now, watch in limited quantities.

We remind you!

Do an application on time.