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Pokrovsky A. N. Empire in the Republic. Moscow: Politizdat, 1979. — 49 S. — lords of the capitalist world.

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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
Moscow: Politizdat, 1979. — 49 S. — (the lords of the capitalist world).
In the pamphlet of international economist shows a pattern of monopolistic expansion of Italy's largest petrochemical concern "Montedison" and that the situation of socio-economic and intra-imperialist contradictions, in which develops its activity in domestic and foreign markets. In a journalistic form, the author tells about the history of the group, its role in the economy, fierce competition between the various groups of the bourgeoisie for dominance in the group.
The contents
"Dark matter" in Milan
To the heights of power
God is on the side of the big battalions
The last word for millions
The nationalization of the Italian
How to possess chemical Olympus
To increase profit at any cost
Operation "Great looting"
Thus passes worldly glory
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