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Animal encounters. Eugene Spangenberg. (The book is impeccable in its research material)

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Animal encounters. Eugene Spangenberg

The book "animal encounters" built in the form of a series of essays that are grouped on a geographical basis. The author, a remarkable Soviet

zoologist, tells about his trips to various parts of the country, about encounters with animals along the way and gives descriptions of the biology of these animals.

The book is flawless in its scientific material and however, unusually lively introduces the reader to the atmosphere of scientific search, introduces him to

subtle nuances of nature, Central Asia, Far East, far North, Caucasus and Transcaucasia.

Each essay in the book by E. P. Spangenberg -

it's kind of a gem that cannot be forgotten.

It is not surprising that his books were brought up not one generation of zoologists, and

the popularity of their readers is very high. The book is illustrated with drawings made by the famous animal painter A. N. Komarov.
For students of zoologists and a wide range of readers.

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