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High-efficiency drying chamber for drying wood Gefest DKA+.

Offer type: продамPublished: 13.08.2018
Price:760 EUR
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

GEFEST DKA+ — series kilns with the lowest energy consumption in the drying process wood.

In this fitted as standard, the system of recovering thermal energy GEFEST RHE.


Camera series DKA+ belong to the category of energy efficiency "A+".


Have a short payback period (PP) and high rate of return investments (ROI) by minimizing the cost of expensive energy.


Perfect suitable for large enterprises, which dry a large amount of lumber atlarge the volume of work the maximum energy efficiency cameras DKA+, with high quality wood drying, allows to save on energy more than $200,000 a year.


IMPORTANT! In the contracts we specify guaranteed level of energy consumption!


On our site You can familiarize with examples of a correct calculation of your cost energyin comparison with NORMAL cameras. And learn to count profits while reducing costs energy, even with high production quality.

To read more information or to obtain technical consultation You can call us at the number listed in the contacts the phone.


With cameras and equipment, we provide drying technologies, provide full technological support our customers and train staff cameras:

You do not have to waste your money and learn from their mistakes – just enough to stick provided by us recommendations!


Individual projects.


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