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Help to write report on production and pre-diploma practice in St. PETERSBURG

Offer type: servicesPublished: 30.09.2014
Seller:Klimova Galina Anatol'evna
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Address:Russian Federation, Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg
Student life one of the main places is production practice, the results of which you need to write a report. And here it is important not just to describe where the student took the practice, and what duties he performed. The student must penetrate into the essence of ventures, to describe the production processes and to propose methods to increase production capacity. But, even with all the documents, regulations and information about the organization in which the student took the practice, not everyone is able to successfully cope with this task.
To help we shall come - Cents educational assistance "Professor". We accept order for reports on evaluation practice, production practice and pre-diploma practice.
Report on industrial practice contains not only information, but also the analysis of activity of the enterprise on which the student took the practice. If necessary, will be composed of graphs, tables and calculations. Here attached calendar-thematic plan of practice and the diary in the prescribed form, which the student must daily be filled in accordance with the plan.
Report on pre-diploma practice is directly linked to Your thesis work and is used when writing its practical part. This report will focus on the relevance of the research problem. It will include characterization and Charter company, staffing and management structure, job descriptions, balance and report on financial results, the main technical and economic indicators of enterprises, the production base of the enterprise, the production volumes. The analysis of economic and financial indicators of the enterprise, and conclusions will be drawn about the profitability of the company and proposals for improving its work.
Any reports on practice, the order was carried out by the authors, which (more than) competent in any one subject. Do not waste your time, better option than the service Center for educational assistance "Professor" look difficult. This is not just a "Golden mean" between price and quality, and the case when the second criterion in the order above!