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Turbine water meter CTB-80.Flanged water meter DN-80 (Dy80).

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:2 700 UAH
Company:OOO Kompaniya MIKO
Seller:Igor' Viktorovich
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Counters hot and cold water turbine


Counters hot and cold water turbine STV, STUG designed to measure the volume drinking water according to GOST 2874-82 in public water supply systems.
Counters can be operated in the ambient temperature from +5°C to To +50°C with relative humidity up to 80%. Allowed to work at a relative humidity up to 95 +/-3% at a temperature of 35°C.
The frequency check counters - once in two years.

Design and working principle:

The counter consists of the following main parts: measuring valve; the counting unit; a controller; enclosure.
Measuring the camera is designed to convert the flow rate in the number of revolutions the impeller. It is installed and fastened in the bore of the front portion of the chassis.
Truetypefont designed for straightening the flow and direction to the blades of the impeller. The main parts of streamies are fairing and a flat radial ribs. In the hub of streamies is one of the pillars of the impeller.
Block counting designed for transmitting rotation from the leading magnetic coupling through enclosure wall-crosses, magnetic coupling and bevel gear, gear spur gear, the reading device, with which registering the volume of water passing through the meter.
The mechanism transmission of rotation and the reading device is protected from the effects of water flow and located in a sealed chamber.
Housing counter flanges for connection to a pipeline according to GOST 12817-80 made of gray cast iron with corrosion-resistant coating.


Counters turbine STV corresponds to the technical specifications 25-02.330087-81.
Capacity roll pointer: 99999,9 m3 (STV-65, STV-80, STV-100) or 999999 m3 (STV-150)
Lowest the scale interval of arrow pointer, m3 0,002 (STW-65, STV-80, STV-100) or 0.02 (STV-150)
Price the smallest unit discharge roller pointer, m3: 0,1 (STW-65, STV-80, CTB-100) or 1.0 (STV-150)