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Cordyceps with vitamin C and E. Tibemed

Offer type: salePublished: 12.06.2021
Seller:Nechiporenko Alyona
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Cordyceps with Vit.C and E Tibemed broad-spectrum,for a and longevity.Immune protection.Impact on all energy channels of the human body, causes a person's energy in the norm.Cordyceps, on the basis of Cordyceps kit. (Cordyceps sinensis),growing at an altitude of 3500 to 4000 m in the mountains of Tibet. He is a mod.will improve. the drug, based on theory and experience 5000 years.the whale.medicine.Rich pitt. substances and specificity. the biological. components inherent in the plants of the highlands.The drug works as natures. antibiotic without side effects.But, unlike syntheti. antibiotics, it works gently, without any harm to health.Once in the body, Cordyceps makes fungi and bacteria weak and vulnerable, so that the immune system starts successfully to deal with them. Creates a peculiar effect of the vaccine infection determination fails us and the body learns to fight it, that is, to produce antibodies.As natural.the antibiotic.Used for treatment of M. prevention supports musculoskeletal,pulmonary,cardiovascular,circulatory,urinary tract and other internal organs and tissues. For potency., in Oncology. Ingredients: polysaccharide of Cordyceps,vitamin C and E, glucose, maltodextrin, citric acid, magnesium. Form release: tablets, pack.30 table. Manufacturer: OOO Biological engineering company of Tibet "Zhen-Kang" (Corporation TIBEMED).Read our other Leche.-professional means of Tibetan medicine on the website Invited to cooperate pharmacy workers; managers farmacevticheskih organizations, doctors, honey. employees of the distributor who engage sativum marketing and others! The possibility of implementing a quality,proven product in Your city! 068-199-30-92 Alena