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mineral water"Malkinskaya №1"

Offer type: salePublished: 20.09.2010

Waters are extracted from natural sources in region with pure ecology where there are no large industrial enterprises, and water areas are under state protection.
- Flood is carried out directly on a deposit in non-polluting area of Kamchatka (the unique enterprise which carries out flood directly on a deposit)
- Water arrives on plastic pipes and isn't oxidized.
- Manufacture process occurs on the Austrian equipment, to answering all world standards.
- Gassing is made by natural natural gas of a source which is allocated at water extraction. It allows to keep all natural and medical properties of production.
- It is extracted from the cretaceous breeds which age exceeds 100 million years
- Depth of a chink of 610 m. (practically any waters in the world isn't extracted from such depth)
- On a chemical compound water carbonic, hloridno-gidrokarbonatnaja натриевая the boric
- Curative properties it is caused by ionic-salt and gas structure the raised maintenance of biologically active components (ортоборная and метакремнивые acids, iodine, bromine, silicon, manganese, a pine forest)
- It is well acquired by an organism thanks to very ancient and deep origin.
The Kamchatka leading doctors-experts in a current of tens years put into practice mineral medical-table water «MALKINSKY №1» in such areas of medicine, as:
- Gastroenterology
- Physiotherapy
- Infectious diseases
- Gynecology
- Narcology
- Dermatology
Also it use for restoration of vodno-salt balance of the postoperative period, in sports medicine, stomatology and cosmetology.
Mineralization degree «MALKINSKY №1» between small and average, therefore it it is possible to apply simply as a drink freshening and strengthening health.
Now it is proved that mineral water with the raised maintenance of ions кидрокарбоната, sodium and chlorine (what is «MALKINSKY №1»):
- Promotes maintenance increase in blood of the serotonina-hormone concerning improvement of state of health, mood and to life expectancy increase.
- Stimulating an effect has on secretion of a bark of a hypophysis and adrenal glands which are the basic regulators of stability of an organism of toxins.
During the activity of Joint-Stock Company "Malkinsky" has received set of well-deserved rewards both on Russian, and at foreign exhibitions (Milan, Paris, Geneva, Washington, Moscow, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk).
2006 All-Russia mark the quality symbol of the XXI-st century the Gold sign
2006 Inter-regional Priamursky commercial and industrial fair Articles of food the Gold medal
2004 All-Russia mark the XXI-st century quality symbol the Platinum sign
2003 All-Russia mark the quality symbol of the XXI-st century the Gold sign
2003 World of Water at its finest mineral the Gold medal

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