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We buy polyethylene waste. Will buy Waste a stretch of 1.2 grade

Offer type: salePublished: 28.01.2021
Company:FOP Korbachkov M.I
Seller:Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Vinnytsya, Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast'
Company for the processing of plastic Polymers LLC buys the plastic stretch film (LDPE) and agglomerate stretch.
Constantly buy waste
• polyethylene termousadochnoe;
• stretch film;
• stretch the film;
• plastic film.
Sale of recyclable materials. Buy LDPE, stretch, heat shrink TU and log, agglomerate of stretch (LDPE). Looking for waste stretch. Will buy waste a stretch film LDPE LLDPE. Buy polyethylene film stretch.
We purchase warehouse and industrial waste stretch film, pallet film, used for wrapping goods, products and goods on pallets. With the percentage of blockage of no more than 10%. The volume from 1 to 50 tons / month.
Perhaps the acquisition of waste stretch film mixed with polyethylene LDPE, because it Often happens that the sorting is not performed.
We buy and recycle waste stretch film from winding pallets. Without labels, stickers, and other films. The volume of 1 ton.
Accept the waste production of polyethylene, unsold goods, different crop, stretch film, packing tape from boxes bottles used polyethylene film, stretch. The export of polyethylene film, stretch. Purchase and removal of polyethylene, stretch. Reception film, polyethylene stretch film is expensive. Buy waste scrap plastic scrap and plastic. The waste stretch film. Buy polymer waste PE PP PS, HDPE. Accept wholesale polyethylene film in Ukraine. Accept wholesale plastic wrap. The reception point of the polyethylene. Point of reception of the stretch film. The reception of scrap plastics. We buy scrap plastic pallets of colored HDPE box. Buy field polymers.
Buy plastic scrap, LDPE, HDPE. Lids from bottles. Waste polypropylene, waste polystyrene boxes polyethylene waste.
Buy a box of polyethylene, polypropylene box, plastic tube. The canister HDPE. Bottle HDPE.
Terms of acceptance: Transparent; Clean; Without print, paint, drawings, etc. May have a slight pollution, no more than 2%. The lack of film other varieties and species.
Waiting for your calls by phones:
(067) 5914939; (097) 4143954.
Eligible to apply from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 - 19.00. Viber, whatsapp, telegram, instagram: polymers_kr
For more information the website of the company Polymers LLC.