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Buy ground scrap plastic in bulk without sorting

Offer type: buyPublished: 04.03.2020
Company:OOO Polimers
Seller:Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
We buy WASTE PLASTICS polygon in bulk without sorting

Enterprise for its own needs constantly buys waste polymers:
1. Bottle HDPE (from under detergents, shampoos etc).
2. The canister HDPE (oil).
The volume from 3 to 40 tons/month. The material must be baled and pressed.
3. Crushed polystyrene (PS-UPM), color white, gray, black,colored. Washed and not washed.
Volumes 1 to 20 tons/month.
4. Pallets polyethylene - PE, polypropylene - PP.
Amounts of from 3 to 20 tons/month.
5. The tube from PET bottles. Color is not important. In crushed form, and in the source.
The volume of 0.500 kg - 10 tons/month.
6.Crushed PP (PP-box not to offer). Color is not important. Volumes up to 15 tons/month.
7. Crushed box HDPE. Color any. Volume 40 tons/month.
8. Crushed the syringe. The volume of 1 t
9. The stretch film. Capacity from 2 tons to 50 tons/month.
10. Crushed bottle. Colors and mixed. The volume of 10-15 tons/month.
11. Crushed canister (oil). The volume of 15-20 tons/month.
The company is constantly buys large volumes of polystyrene waste:
- cover the TV, the inside of the refrigerator, spool, production waste, sprues, vases for flowers, toys, videotapes, etc
- crushed polystyrene. Color: black, white, color..
Volumes from 1 to 50 tons/month.
- Crushed polypropylene (PP).
Colors: white, red, green, color, mix.
Volume up to 30 tons/month.
Buy waste form paving, possibly cement. The price is discussed individually depending on the contamination. Volumes are not limited. Buy year-round. Vegetable crate does not offer.
Also buy waste plastics polygon without sorting: cover televisions and refrigerators, furniture, cans, plastic drums, cans, syringes, buckets, scrap boxes, toys, caps, buckets of mayonnaise and fish, jars, scoops for litter, funnels, graters, colanders, buckets, mugs, lids for jars, bowls, grille shell, stand for utensils, dishes, etc., children's toys and their parts (without fittings), cans, barrels, trash, trays, baths etc