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Evgeny Shvarts. Ordinary miracle

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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
Eugene Schwartz
Ordinary miracle

Chisinau: Literature, artistica, 1988
Circulation: 100000 copies.
ISBN: 5-368-00213-0
Cover type: solid
Format: 60x90/16 (145x215 mm)
Pages: 608
Compilation and introductory article by E. Skorospelova
Comments on E. Devyataikina. Timeway
The Artist A. Colibneac

E. Skorospelova Storyteller and his times (Foreword), pp. 5-14
Evgeny Shvarts. The adventures of Hohenstaufen (the play), pp. 16-69
Evgeny Shvarts. The naked king (the play), pp. 70-127
Evgeny Shvarts. The snow Queen (a play), pp. 128-175
Evgeny Shvarts. The shadow (play), pp. 176-231
Evgeny Shvarts. One night (the play), pp. 232-271
Evgeny Shvarts. Dragon (the play), pp. 272-325
Evgeny Shvarts. Two maple (the play), pp. 326-361
Evgeny Shvarts. Ordinary miracle (play), p. 362-414
Evgeny Shvarts. Cinderella (screenplay), pp. 416-444
Evgeny Shvarts. Don Quixote (screenplay), pp. 445-493
Evgeny Shvarts. The story of Old balalaika (short story), pp. 495-501
Evgeny Shvarts. Two brothers (tale), pp. 502-513
Evgeny Shvarts. The tale of time lost (tale), pp. 514-519
Autobiographical prose. Memories.
Evgeny Shvarts. Diary pages (work (other)), pp. 521-552
Evgeny Shvarts. The vicissitudes of nature (article), pp. 553-570
Evgeny Shvarts. Printing house (work (other)), p. 571-577
Evgeny Shvarts. The fifth zone (short story), pp. 578-586
E. Devyataykin, E. Azimbaeva. Comments, p. 587-607

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