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Granule secondary low pressure polyethylene pipe grades

Offer type: salePublished: 29.01.2020
Company:FOP Korbachkov M.I
Seller:Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Granule secondary low pressure polyethylene pipe grades

Company "Polymers" produces and sells secondary granule of polyethylene pipe grades (similar to PE 100) HDPE PE 6948c, PE2NT11-9, PE 69 (similar to HDPE 273-79, 273-83 and PE 63) own production with high quality.Our secondary HDPE (PE) granule is equivalent to virgin material. PTR of 0.3 to 5kg. This bimodal granule HDPE (type PE 100) brand ndar-273, PE-63, PE 6948с, PE2NT11-9, PE-69 is designed for the production of pressure pipes, technical pipes, barrels, tanks of large volume, plastic HDPE (HDPE) sheets, moulding of PE sheets, geogrids, HDPE tape, lawn grids material is welded by melting.To filter using a grid of 0.3 mm. Color granules and black mixture of colors.This extrusion the granulate is made in the amount of 130 tons per month.Company "Polymers" produces and sells the pellet recycled polyethylene HDPE 69, PE-69 (PE 69) (analogue 273 HDPE) and HDPE-293 (293 MHP) of pure recycled film,runner,start-up lumps,trim rollers,a marriage.Granulation of these brands and 293 HDPE PE 69 is produced on a grid of 0.3 mm For painting granulate HDPE use high-quality dye masterbatch.Recycled PE granule 293 69 and IPA produced different colors.Suitable for the production of the film of 7 microns, packets, sheets, barrels large capacity, the technical and the pressure PE (HDPE) pipes, from our polymer raw material HDPE can produce the plastic products in pure form.In the presence of 130 tons of high-quality extruded polyethylene low pressure HDPE brand 69 (PE 69, PE 4 FE 69 ) and HDPE brand 293 (HDPE 293) in granular form.Produce and sell secondary granule high density polyethylene HDPE film grades in granular form - HDPE 293 - 285Д analogue PND 69 (PE 69). Granulate HDPE and PE 293 69 made from clean industrial waste, defects of manufacture, trim film, sprues. Will regranulat PND 69, 293 secondary HDPE has a high degree of purification. Colors: transparent, blue, cyan, green, light grey, black. Delivery is possible.Produce and sell secondary granule high density polyethylene HDPE 273 HDPE brands 273-83, HDPE 273-79 granules and granulated form.In the production of the recycled polyethylene granules HDPE 273 HDPE brand uses only clean waste PE pipe production (sprues,the launcher pieces,trimming HDPE pipes,marriage,the scoring sheets).Filtering the secondary HDPE 273 is made on the mesh of 0.26 mm. Color secondary granules polyethylene HDPE 273 black,light green, light grey,blue and light blue (used for high-quality dye masterbatch).The secondary granules HDPE 273 specially designed for manufacturing high quality UPVC pipes and HDPE sheets.The 273 secondary granule HDPE easily recyclable in PE pipes and HDPE sheets with smooth surfaces. Good resistance to cracking allows the use of this composition HDPE 273 secondary in granules for the manufacture of technical pressure and PE pipes. PE Pipes and HDPE sheets of the secondary granules HDPE 273 can be welded by melting.Produce and sell secondary granule of HDPE polyethylene 277 (PND-277-73),PE 2НТ 22-12 (HDPE 2212).Used for filtering mesh of 0.45 mm. Color granules HDPE 277 (2212) black (used high-quality dye masterbatch). Injection molding granulate HDPE 277 (22-12) recycled marriage produced household utensils, caps for aerosol packaging, medical syringes and needles, children's toys, large technical products.This granular HDPE brand 277 (analogue PENT 22-12) are used in the production of various plastic products by moulding under pressure on thermoplastic materials (injection molding machines).Secondary HDPE polyethylene, brand 276 (PENT 76-17 ) in granular form from recycled marriage produced cans.NOT THE LANDFILL! Granule HDPE 276.Granule recycled polyethylene brand PND 276 (7617 HDPE) from recycled cans.Secondary granule of HDPE polyethylene, brand 276 from recycled production waste containers for household chemicals.HDPE 7617 secondary granulated.276 HDPE secondary granules for the production of geogrids and ribbons for the production of geogrids.The material is welded.Their properties are not inferior to virgin material.SECONDARY GRANULE PIPE grades PE 100,PE 80,HDPE 273 own production, we use only HDPE waste pipe grades, in the form of scraps, seams, drains of the first and last feed, pellet: black color, high quality( equivalent to primary), MFR of 0.3-0.5 units, a high-performance, package - sewn bags of 25 kg. delivery is Possible. Processed and produced large volumes of 273 secondary HDPE (HDPE 273-79, 273-83 HDPE), polyethylene PE 100 secondary granule, PE 80 (PE 80) the secondary granulated pure, secondary granule HDPE 273-79, secondary granule HDPE 273-83 made of pure waste, granules HDPE 273-79. Secondary HDPE 273-83. Secondary HDPE 273-79. Will regranulat high density polyethylene low pressure (PE, HDPE) HDPE 273, 276 HDPE (PE 2НТ 76-17), 277 HDPE (PE 2НТ 22-12),PE 80, PE 100 (PE 2НТ 11-9), RE 6948с, HDPE 293 (HDPE 293-285Д), PE 69 (PE 69). granule HDPE 276 is recycled pure waste, sprues, marriage blow molding containers. The secondary granules HDPE 273 post-consumer recycled marriage of production tubing. secondary granule HDPE 276 for blow moulding, extrusion. Secondary granules HDPE 273-83. secondary granule PE 100 PE 69 PE 80 HDPE 276 (7617 HDPE, PE 2НТ 76-17) HDPE PE 6948C. secondary granule HDPE 273-79, HDPE 273-83, HDPE 277-73. Secondary HDPE 293-285 D, PE 2НТ 11-9, PE 2НТ 22-12, PE 2НТ 24-12. Secondary HDPE 293-285 D, PE 2НТ 11-9, PE 2НТ 22-12, PE 2НТ 24-12 in the form of granules polyethylene HDPE different colors. secondary HDPE 293 - 285Д analogue PND 69 (PE 69). vtorichnyh 273 - 83 and HDPE 273 - 79. secondary HDPE HDPE 277 analog ПЭ2НТ 22-12. secondary HDPE 276 - 83 analog PND ПЭ2НТ 76-17. secondary HDPE ПЭ2НТ 11-285Д. secondary HDPE ПЭ2НТ 11-9