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Secondary polypropylene PP Ball. Granule polypropylene PP 21030, 02060, 02090 casting

Offer type: salePublished: 22.02.2020
Company:FOP Korbachkov M.I
Seller:Anastasiya Aleksandrovna
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Secondary polypropylene PP Ball. Granule polypropylene PP 21030, 02060, 02090 casting

The company produces and sells pellets in the secondary of a block copolymer of propylene Ball 02015, 02018, 02020С, 02030, 02032, 02035 (VU), 02040 (WU, O), 02060, 02070, 02080 (VU), 02120, 02130 uniform color and quality not inferior in their properties to virgin material. The block copolymer polypropylene PP brand Ball - has good resistance to thermo-oxidative and photocosmetology aging, shock (shock resistant), cold (frost), improved antistatic properties. Color granules black, white, light grey, green. This secondary block copolymer of polypropylene PP Ball 02015, 02018, 02020С, 02030, 02032, 02035 (VU), 02040 (WU, O), 02060, 02070, 02080 (VU), 02120, 02130 is available in granular form, can be used for casting PTR 4-15 or extrusion PTR of 2.2-4 (white, black, light gray). Granule polypropylene PP is produced only from clean production waste of the primary block copolymer (BLOCK, Block) of propylene PPR Ball 02015, 02018, 02020С, 02030, 02032, 02035 (VU), 02040 (WU, O), 02060, 02070, 02080 (VU), 02120, 02130.Ideal for the production of drainage trays, seats for stadiums, films, sheets, pyscologically, inlets, ladders,lawn grids, door trays, door grilles, roofing funnels, car parts - automotive components (side mirrors and rear view mirrors, vysokogornyh parts,protections, license plates, frames, etc.).For the manufacture of specific products technical and a household purpose, mortgages, important products manufactured from primary polypropylene PP black, white, light gray, green colors. Available monthly, approximately 77 tons of PP pellets secondary primary quality. Secondary polypropylene PP 21030, 02030 granular.Secondary granule polypropylene (PP) 02015, 02007 for the manufacture of pipes.Secondary PP 21030, 8332 M granular, manufacture and sale of polypropylene granules PP 02030, 02015.Secondary granule PP 21030, 1030 recycled.The pellet (granules) polypropylene PP 21030, 02060, 8300M, 8232М secondary recycled.The granulate of polypropylene PP 02030, 02090 secondary recycled.Recycling and sales of recycled polypropylene (PP) grades 21030, 1030.Polypropylene (PP) of b/bags of granular secondary brands 01030, 01060, 01130.Polypropylene PP 21030, 01030 for the production of plastic products.Polypropylene PP 02030, 02060, 02090, 02130 secondary granular casting.Sale of secondary materials and polypropylene (PP) 21030, 1030, 01060, 01090. Sell a secondary granules of polypropylene (PP) 02030, 02060, 02015 for the production of pipe fittings.Extrusion polypropylene PP 02007, 02015, 8300 G granulate. Extrusion secondary granule polypropylene PP 02007, 02020, 02015, 8300G.Molded recycled polypropylene PP 02035, 02060, 8332 M, 8300 M, 02090, 02130 granules. Extrusion polypropylene PP 02015,02007 secondary block copolymer in the form of granules.The PP polypropylene recycling has improved performance (shockproof,cold-resistant,more resistant to abrasion).Selling polypropylene PP granules for molding thin-walled (RR) products.Secondary raw materials popular and basic grades of polypropylene PP 1030,PP 02030,PP 21030,21060 PP,PP 21090.Processed raw material: big bags, sacks, containers, housings batteries (battery), the rollers of the film are polypropylene (PP), marriage is the production of polypropylene PP pipes and fittings.PP filtering is done on a grid of 0.3 mm and has a high degree of purification. Color from natural to black. Packing regranulate polypropylene PP is carried out in polymeric bags on 25 kg. will Send a trial batch of recycled polypropylene PP. The company sells recycled granule, PP recycled polypropylene PP brand PP 21030, PP 1030, 02015 PP, PP 02030 transparent color analog Kaplen 01030, white analogue Ball 02015, the quality is not inferior to virgin material. The pellet is made from pure production waste from the production of primary .This polymer material is used to replace primary raw materials in the production of not pishevyh plastic products molding and extrusion. PTR of 2-3, the size of granules: 2-5mm, clean, inclusions are not allowed. Colors: white (block copolymer) and natural (homopolymer). Secondary polypropylene PP Ball. granule polypropylene PP 21030, 02060, 02090 for casting. Injection molding polypropylene (PP granule). granule PP from battery. Rechargeable polypropylene PP. PP granule (PP) battery. High impact polypropylene (PP). Frost-resistant polypropylene (PP). The propylene block copolymer PP secondary. granule secondary block copolymer propylene PP. Secondary granule PP unit. Granule PP 02090. Secondary PP Ball 02120. Granule PP resale. Injection molding granulate (PP). Injection molding polypropylene (PP). Secondary granules of polypropylene (PP). PP. Polypropylene secondary. Selling injection molding and extrusion of polypropylene granules.Secondary polypropylene 01030 transparent granules analogue Kaplen 01030. Secondary polypropylene PP 01030, PP 02060, PP 8332М, 8300M, PP 01130, black granular. Secondary polypropylene PP 01030, 01060 PP, PP 01090 Grey in the form of granules. Secondary polypropylene 01030 Light gray granules. Secondary polypropylene PP 02015, PP 8300G, PP 02030 White in granular form. Secondary polypropylene 01030 Green granules. Secondary impact-resistant polypropylene black and gray colors. Hardy secondary polypropylene PP black and gray. rechargeable secondary polypropylene PP. Polypropylene PP 01030, PP 02030 highest grade of black, white and transparent color. Secondary granular block copolymer of polypropylene PP analogue Ball 02035, 02060.