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Ultrasonic liquid flow meters Portaflow

Offer type: salePublished: 25.07.2013
Seller:Dvojchenkov Aleksandr
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Portaflow 330 and 220 - ultrasonic flow meters, at the heart of which lies the recording time of the signal propagation. Designed to work with fixed sensors and provide an accurate measurement of the flow rate of a fluid flowing in a closed tube. Does not require the introduction through the pipe wall of any mechanical parts or penetration into the pipeline. Installation takes a matter of minutes, and there is no need to block the flow or drain system! When ultrasound passes between the sensors, the speed at which sound travels through the liquid, increases slightly due to the speed of the fluid passing through the pipe. When ultrasound passes in the opposite direction, the fluid flow slows the speed of sound. The difference of speed is directly proportional to the flow velocity in the pipe. Measuring the flow velocity and knowing the cross-sectional area of the pipe is easy to calculate the volumetric flow rate.
Portable ultrasonic liquid flow meters are manufactured by the firm Мicronics Ltd (UK), and is widespread in Russia since 1992.
Flowmeters PORTAFLOW are ultrasonic devices, consisting of electronic unit and two sensors. These flow meters are used for rapid measurement of volumetric flow and velocity of any pure fluid lines, as well as in networks of hot and cold water.
Sensors flow meters are installed on the outer surface of the pipe and are connected to the electronic unit, which is the operator. When working with portable flow meter, the user needs to know only the size of the pipeline. All other parameters required for the measurement, the meter determines independently.
Portable ultrasonic flowmeters series "Portaflow" entered in the register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation under No. 15083-06