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Capacity for water pillow

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Volume: from 1 to 200 m3. Made the "cushion" of a special fabric coated with PVC. The strength of this material can withstand the load of the car in full. The advantages of containers pads - economic benefits - these tanks are cheaper than any other options metal and plastic containers with capacity from 10 to 200 m3;- ease of installation - installation and dismantling of the biggest "cushion takes less than 1 hour, no special preparation of the place of installation (concrete base), can be installed in hard to reach places;- transportation - any container may be transported in a passenger car;- installation in basements and rooms with low ceilings of the tanks of large volume - height containers up to 1 meter;- highest quality membrane allows you to store drinking water and prevent pollution;- the sun's rays do not penetrate into the vessel, which prevents algal blooms, the formation of pathogenic bacteria (unlike specific plastic containers);- ease of repair - no special knowledge required, takes little time, the cost of repair is minimal;- transportation of liquids bolsters can be used for water transportation. Delivery in Ukraine